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Chemistry Summer School on f-Elements (CS2FE)

What is CS2FE ?

CS2FE aims at providing young researchers with a strong and wide background on synthesis (molecular as well as solid state), reactivity and properties of f-block elements. It will offer you a unique opportunity to strengthen your fundamental understanding of this diverse and fascinating field of research.

It is an initiative of the newly created French association of the f-elements. The organizing committee is willing to organize CS2FE every two years for all European researchers interested in the field.

A free event for PhD and post-docs higher training in 2021

For the first event, a mini-school will be offered with free registration. It will immediately precede Terrae Rarae 2021 and the registration can be made at the same time as the conference. It will take place at the IEM (Institut Européen des membranes, in Montpellier.

How to get to the Institut Européen des Membranes (IEM)

The program includes 6 lectures of 1’45 hours, allowing the Professors to introduce the basics of their subject and to shine light on few selected examples of current research in their area.

Final Program Summer School

Any questions?

Please contact lucie.norel(at) and florian.jaroschik(at)

 Organizing Committee

Florian Jaroschik, ICGM, CNRS, UM,  ENSCM

Olivier Maury, LCH, CNRS, ENS Lyon

Grégory Nocton, LCM, CNRS, Ecole polytechnique

Lucie Norel, ISCR and Université de Rennes 1