General Information

The Tage der Seltenen Erden, aka Terrae Rarae, are a conference on the chemistry and physics of 4f-element compounds. The conference topics span synthesis of new compounds, studies on the optical and magnetic properties and modeling.

Rare earths are worldwide recognized as critical materials. They are relevant for a number of applications that are connected to energy such as catalysis, magnets for wind turbines and electric vehicles, phosphors for energy efficient lighting. The rare earths are critically needed, but they supply is at risks. Thus, it is timely to bring experts in the field together to discuss the challenges of tomorrow:

The XXIX. Tage der Seltenen Erden – Terrae Rarae 2021 will take place from Sept. 22-24 in Montpellier, France.

Registration is mandatory by July 15th 2021.